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MTB Genziana Pro Cycling kit (part 4)

Apparel Design, Design, Lettering, Lettering&Calligraphy 22nd May 2017

It has been a while since my last post about MTB Genziana Pro’s cycling kit. Due to privacy, this is gonna be the last part I will share with you: most of the proposals are ready and I am gonna have soon a deep look with Jacopo. By the way, I attached a funny gif […]

MTB Genziana Pro Cycling kit (part 3)

Apparel Design, Design, Lettering, Lettering&Calligraphy 25th April 2017

Finally, last week I ended the first big step of the project by completing the final design of the Monogram (for detailed information, be sure you don’t miss Part 1 & Part 2). The shape is inspired by the Gentiana flower. At the beginning, I also wanted to add some decorative elements to the symbol […]

MTB Genziana Pro Pinboard

Appareal Design, Design, Inspiration, Lettering&Calligraphy 4th April 2017

Find out daily inspiration on the coolest trends in cycling apparel and discover the glorious emblems of vintage frames! This morning I created a pinboard to keep a visual record of the research I am doing for MTB Genziana Pro’s cycling kit project… stay tuned & inspired!

MTB Genziana Pro Cycling kit (part 1)

Appareal Design, Design, Lettering 31st March 2017

Meanwhile I am living this period without a bicycle here in Amsterdam (which can be extremely complicated), I got in touch with product designer and bike maker Jacopo di Bonaventura, who asked me to design the MTB Genziana Pro Cycling kit. Jacopo started his bicycle business in Amsterdam (be sure you don’t miss Cicli di […]