Weather Icon Set

Two factors made possible the Weather Icon Set: living in a country with shaky weather and the wish of displaying the climate complexity in a neutral way.

Even if we decide to ignore the growing attention towards the climate change, weather still remains the most searched term all over the world (excluding brand terms). Also living in the Netherlands teaches you how to care about the argument, but what I learned first is how weather can affect your humor.

Weather Icon Set - Storm Icon

Sometimes, a storm icon on our lock screens could literally kill any good purpose. It could be even more annoying: while the icon kit style is cartooned, reality is still telling us we can have a free shower coming from a gray sky. I noticed a sort of mismatch between our feelings and those expressed by weather icons. Of course, nothing serious. But still, I think this kind of icons need a particular attention in terms of look&feel since the weather has a strong influence on our daily life. For this reason, I designed a new kit which had to be neutral and able to adapt to any user interface. Supporting the fact that multiple and different weather conditions can occur at the same time, I created a huge range of icon combinations.

Weather Icon Set - all icons

The Weather Icon Set consists of 70 high-quality icons for displaying information about weather conditions. A clean and minimal look provides versatility to the kit, and the wide range of combinations lets you set different levels of accuracy. Weather Icon Set is currently optimized for iOS 10 platform.

Weather Icon Set - Size scale
Weather Icon Set - Layers organization

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