MTB Genziana Pro – Cycling Kit


The brand new cycling kit designed for the MTB Genziana Pro team celebrates the genuine passion of its members and the unique bond with their local origins.

MTB Genziana Pro (Mountain-bike Genziana Pro) is a cycling team from Abruzzo (IT). Beyond training and races, a special friendship keeps its members always together. The same happens to the relationship with their territory: not just a land for riding, but for discovery and for enjoying habits and traditions. Thanks to the collaboration with one of the team members, Jacopo Di Bonaventura, the final result is a kit with strong personality which embodies the unique spirit of the team.

Genziana is a flower, but also much more. The great yellow gentian (Gentiana Lutea) often occurs in the Abruzzese area. Its roots are used to produce the famous local liquor which takes name directly from the plant. The flower is used as the symbol to describe the territory and its tradition.

The kit is composed of 4 elements: symbol, monogram, letterings, and textures. The color combination confers a vibrant feeling to the general design. Elements such as textures and letterings are hand-made, while the symbol and the monogram have been created from technical sketches.

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