Made in Italy

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Made in Italy - book cover

Made in Italy is a trademark which states a product is totally designed, produced and packed in Italy (Art. 16, DL135/2009). While countries like Canada and Great Britain already started promoting their identities, Italy is still missing an official visual identity able to identify its rich capital.

Made in Italy is a book born from the conversation had with Elio Carmi about nation branding models and their relative advantages for the Italian country, its authority, and respectability. The project aims to describe the real essence of Made in Italy and provide it with three logo proposals. The editorial design is inspired by old branding design manuals of famous companies such as NASA, NYC Transport authority and Lufthansa.

What do we associate with the word “Italian”? How Italians are perceived around the world? What do people expect from Italian products? Within the Italian scenario, both positive and negative models contribute to a various but consistent imaginary. So, before getting started with any design, I conducted surveys and research on the country for almost one year.

Made in Italy - book spreads 24-25

Made in Italy - book spreads 140-141

The processed data highlight six key-features which I used as basis for the logo concept. Designing a logo which has to be applied almost anywhere could present several readability problems. So we decided to use very simple shapes and system fonts available almost in every computer. Of course, national colours remark the origin of the symbol.

Made in Italy - book spreads 154-155

Made in Italy - book spreads 170-171

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