MTB Genziana Pro Cycling kit (part 3)

Apparel Design, Design, Lettering, Lettering&Calligraphy 25th April 2017

MTB Genziana Pro cycling kit design — Monogram G guides

Finally, last week I ended the first big step of the project by completing the final design of the Monogram (for detailed information, be sure you don’t miss Part 1 & Part 2). The shape is inspired by the Gentiana flower. At the beginning, I also wanted to add some decorative elements to the symbol but still, since I wasn’t sure about the result, I made several versions. I found the monogram too heavy together with decorations, so I temporarily removed them.

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 05

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 07

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 10

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 06

Meanwhile, I also conducted a color research. Jacopo di Bonaventura wishes that MTB Genziana Pro could have orange as the dominant color. Since the Gentiana Flower is yellow, I decided to select orange tints with a consistent yellow percentage.

MTB Genziana Pro – Color Palette Versions

During a conversation with Jacopo, I was also requested to produce a Genziana symbol. All the team thinks is necessary to embed the flower into the cycling kit. So I’m currently developing several illustrations of the flower. Still, I’m not sure if I want to combine the flower with the monogram or study the illustration as a stand-alone design. I’ll make some tries and, as always, I’ll keep you posted! Naturally, if you want to share your thoughts, feel free to contact me. Feedbacks are always welcome 🙂

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 08

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 09

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 11