MTB Genziana Pro Cycling kit (part 3)

Apparel Design, Design, Lettering, Lettering&Calligraphy 25th April 2017

MTB Genziana Pro cycling kit design — Monogram G guides

Finally, last week I ended the first big step of the project by completing the final design of the Monogram (for detailed information, be sure you don’t miss Part 1 & Part 2). The shape is inspired by the Gentiana flower. At the beginning, I also wanted to add some decorative elements to the symbol but still, since I wasn’t sure about the result, I made several versions. I found the monogram too heavy together with decorations, so I temporarily removed them.

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 05

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 07

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 10

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 06

Meanwhile, I also conducted a color research. Jacopo di Bonaventura wishes that MTB Genziana Pro could have orange as the dominant color. Since the Gentiana Flower is yellow, I decided to select orange tints with a consistent yellow percentage.

MTB Genziana Pro – Color Palette Versions

During a conversation with Jacopo, I was also requested to produce a Genziana symbol. All the team thinks is necessary to embed the flower into the cycling kit. So I’m currently developing several illustrations of the flower. Still, I’m not sure if I want to combine the flower with the monogram or study the illustration as a stand-alone design. I’ll make some tries and, as always, I’ll keep you posted! Naturally, if you want to share your thoughts, feel free to contact me. Feedbacks are always welcome 🙂

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 08

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 09

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 11

MTB Genziana Pro Cycling kit (part 2)

Apparel Design, Design, Lettering, Lettering&Calligraphy 10th April 2017

MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 05
MTB Genziana Pro – Sketches 04

This week I will finalize the monogram of MTB Genziana Pro. Also got a rough idea on how to build the calligraphy patterns… and a huge glass of water on any piece of paper. Luckily everything is fine and safe. Ready to be processed at PC very soon.

GD Vibes 17 – Week 14

Inspiration, Music 6th April 2017

Author: Gnod
Label: Rocket Recordings
Release: 31 March 2017

My roots come from the underground. Heavy & noisy stuff. So I was really happy of discovering these guys, I immediately fall in love with their laid/inyourface mood. Definitely added to my GD Vibes collection: In Gnod I trust!

MTB Genziana Pro Pinboard

Appareal Design, Design, Inspiration, Lettering&Calligraphy 4th April 2017

Find out daily inspiration on the coolest trends in cycling apparel and discover the glorious emblems of vintage frames! This morning I created a pinboard to keep a visual record of the research I am doing for MTB Genziana Pro’s cycling kit project… stay tuned & inspired!

MTB Genziana Pro Cycling kit (part 1)

Appareal Design, Design, Lettering 31st March 2017

MTB Genziana Pro cycling kit design — Sketches

Meanwhile I am living this period without a bicycle here in Amsterdam (which can be extremely complicated), I got in touch with product designer and bike maker Jacopo di Bonaventura, who asked me to design the MTB Genziana Pro Cycling kit.

Jacopo started his bicycle business in Amsterdam (be sure you don’t miss Cicli di Bonaventura) and now he’s willing to grow and expand his network in Italy, where is actually living. He also runs for a semi-professional mountain bike team called MTB Genziana Pro: he wishes to start this adventure by realizing a special cycling kit for his team.

MTB Genziana Pro cycling kit design — Sketches 03

MTB Genziana Pro cycling kit design — Sketches 02

Jacopo loves orange everywhere, and I am happy he appreciate my hand-writing artworks. For this reason, I decided to produce a calligraphy pattern for the cycling kit. Besides, to enhance the genuine passion of Jacopo, I’m trying to develop a monogram for his team. Something old school and nostalgic, because of team’s attachment to the original values of cycling.

This is my first time designing a cycling kit: the challenge will be really tough, but I am excited to be part of this project since I admire Jacopo as designer and cyclist as well! I already can’t wait for the result of this project. Now it’s sketching time! currently doing some visual research… I will keep you posted!